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Phil Entzminger Has a Passion for Golf

October 15, 2018
Phil Entzminger has been a practicing vegan since 2017. In fact, he professes to have an obsession with consuming foods that have no connection to animals or animal products. That said, he does slip sometimes, especially when it comes to dairy; more specifically, he loves cheese. Because of this, he freely admits that his obsession has its limits, even though Phil Entzminger believes that being vegan is a major component of an overall healthy lifestyle. Phil insists that his vegan diet has made him stronger than ever before, and that it allows him to think more clearly. He also swears that he has more energy that he had before.

When he can find some spare time, Phil Entzminger loves to travel and play golf, although he also loves to listen to music, especially when it comes to jazz. In fact, he likes to combine his interests and makes regular trips to New Orleans, so he can listen to and feel what he considers "real" jazz. One of Phil’s favorite artists is Harry Connick Jr., but he also enjoys other modern jazz artists, including Charles Gayle, Greg Osby, and Jacob Collier, among many others. He admits to avoiding most jazz-rock fusion, although he does like some of it and considers it all relaxing. One of his favorite things to do is to sit back with a hot cup of coffee and listen to Connick.

His greatest passion of all, however, may be his golf game. Even though he describes his play as “not very good, Phil Entzminger still finds golf to be an enjoyable game, He notes that the hazards seem to have a knack for drawing him in, but it’s still a lot of fun. He has managed to combine his passion for golf with his passion for travel. He has played on courses near his childhood home in Austria, like the Seltenheim Golf Course and the Kiagenfurt-Seltenheim course. In the United States, while Phil has played all over the country, his favorite course is the Cypress Point Golf Club in Pebble Beach, in Southern California, primarily because of the weather which has always been spectacular when he's played there.